****Video titles are listed below for early childhood – high school.   The videos are available in English and Spanish languages.       


Videos for Parents on Platform

Publications / Resources for Educators on Platform


Preschoolers in the Kitchen

Preschoolers in the Laundry Room

Magnetic Letters

Reading with Your Preschooler

Nursery Rhymes and Finger Plays

Preschoolers Learn Classification

Developing Early Language Skills

Phonics and Vocabulary

Building Comprehension Strategies

Calendar Math

Fruity Math Salad

Yummy Math

Raisin Math Fun

Helpful Tips for Parents for Preparing Your Child for School

Helping Your Child with Homework

Phonemic Awareness and the Alphabet

Helping Your Child w/ Vocabulary, Writing, and Spelling

Preparing Your Child for Standardized Tests

Learning Opportunities Outside of School

Understanding the Reading Stages

Helping Your School-Age Child with Fluency and Comprehension

Transition Between Elementary to Middle School

Transition to Middle School for Students with Special Needs

Middle School Students Transition to High School

Effective Study Skills

Preparing Your Child for College


Workshop in a Box- Excellent resources to prepare and deliver outstanding parent workshops (PowerPoint presentations, handouts, newsletters, parent workshop materials to supplement each parent video)


A panel of Experts- Featuring superintendents, family engagement experts, and researchers sharing best practices and practical advice to support the vision of family engagement in your school and/or district


Online Expert Presentations-Learn from national experts in family engagement on the latest research and strategies to support the family and school partnerships. (Dr. Comer, Dr. Karen Mapp, etc…)


Webinars:Featuring educators from around the nation sharing solutions and tips to support you with strengthening family and community connections


Take-Out Tips- Quick strategies and innovative ideas to support you with engaging all families.


Publications / Resources:Now you can lead effective PD circles, book study groups around any of the online publications below:






Louder than Words: Establishing a pervasive customer service culture within your school is essential. This publication highlights the five tenets of customer service that must be in place to have a powerful impact on schools and families.


I Hear You Knocking….But You Can’t Come In…. A phenomenal resource to support administrators and educators in identifying barriers to family engagement in their schools and assist them with step-by-step approaches to facilitating a framework for creating a welcoming environment.


Parental Involvement 101-this is a practical guide packed full of proven and effective ideas and family and community outreach initiatives from principals, teachers, and parent involvement coordinators. You will gain “101” quick and valuable tips and solutions to address parent involvement barriers, build collaborative relationships, and sustain positive family partnerships.


Differentiated Outreach– this publication provides practical tips to implement creative,authenic, strategic, and empathetic outreach strategies which will have a transformative impact on building and sustaining collaborativefamiyand school partnerships.


Family Engagement and Nurturing Children to be Independent Thinkers– this publication helps educators and parents collaborate to help students develop the desire and the ability to think on their own


Building a High Achieving School – 3 C’s to Success– this publication provides educators with the tools and strategies to address and adapt to the various challenges and demands of the present educational landscape in order to create a high performing school focused on facilitating effective and sustainable family, school, and community partnerships.


Parent Coordinator’s Manual– this is an essential guide for parent coordinators, liaisons, and facilitators focusing on the eight modules of effectiveness: roles/responsibilities, planning/scheduling, welcoming environment, strategic communication, effective outreach strategies, parentadvocay, data disaggregation/linked to learning, and building relationships.